Ketepa Pride (Enveloped & tagged) Lemon Flavoured Tea Bags -25’s

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A sweet tingly citrus celebration! Fresh, plumb lemons add a light touch to this flavourful favourite! Fresh tangy lemons blended with the re-known Ketepa Pride teas will awaken your every sense! Best enjoyed without milk.

Grown in the luscious highlands of Kenya, Ketepa pride is 100% Kenyan Tea enriched by gentle rainfall and nurtured under 12 hours of sunlight to develop its authentically Kenyan taste.

Produced without agrochemicals/pesticides.

Ketepa pride is part of the stories of 650,000 small famers who make a living from tea growing in Kenya, organized through the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA).

Blended and packed by:  KENYA TEA PACKERS (KETEPA)

Imported and distributed by: Pkei (Pty) Ltd. T/A (Pkei Lifestyle)